Apollo Rower

Rowing 3,000 miles, across the Atlantic Ocean, solo and unsupported.

Who am I?

I'm Tom, a physics and astronomy teacher working in North-East Lincolnshire.

Previously I worked in TV as a camera operator, producer, and later as a project manager. I worked in TV for over a decade, living and working in some amazing places including Thailand, South Africa, and America.

After moving back to the UK to work in a TV studio in London, I decided to re-train to become a physics teacher.

My aim is simple; to inspire, enthuse and encourage as many students as possible to get the absolute most out of their time in school.

What am I Doing?

Dubbed the "World's toughest rowing race" the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a gruelling 3000-mile unaided ocean row across the Atlantic ocean from La Gomera to Antigua. I will be rowing it solo!

I am entered into the 2024 race, giving me the required time to train, prepare and fundraise!

To date, more people have climbed Everest than have rowed an ocean.

Why am I Doing it?

To show our students that anything is possible!

Young people face huge challenges. Growing up in austerity, moving in and out of various lockdowns and restrictions, uncertain examinations, and the constant barrage of social media.

I want to show our students and everyone else that with a positive attitude and a load of hard work anything is possible!

Generate excitement

Encourage our students to look to their future with excitement, not fear and anxiety.

There is huge pressure on our young people to be successful. And many of them can't see a route to success from their current situation. They only see barriers.

They are the future let's help them make the most of it!

Raise money for amazing charities

I hope to raise over £50,000 for charities that aim to make the future a better, safer, and cleaner place to be.

I am hoping to partner with charities that support our young people in need, and ones that will help make the planet they inherit a better place than it is now.